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How to earn money playing video games

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How to earn money playing video games How to earn money playing video games fot: pixabay

Have you ever wondered — how can I earn money by playing video games? Is it even possible? Yes, and we can provide you some tips and answers on how to make video games your full time job. With the article you will get to know how to get money playing your favorite games. Earning money does not have to be a hard work especially, when gaming industry gives many ways to make money.


Become a star of YouTube

Alright, there are a few ways to earn some extra money on games, but to earn anything, you need to focus on some specific areas of gaming. Our first proposition is to become a gaming vlogger on YouTube or Twitch! Almost everyone saw at least one YouTuber uploading a video with random games on his channel, while thousands of people were watching, even supporting him with their money. This is the first way to make profit on gaming. A popular creator may not only be popular on the Internet, but also expand his business by publishing publications or creating products with all the rights reserved for his brand. You can easily start your YouTube channel and post videos when you play video games. Regular gameplay may not be the way to get gamers attention, but live stream can help you not only to make fans, but also gain gaming companies interested in your content. This is the straight way to gain pre-release access to new games, especially those triple A title, that gamers are excited about. Game companies are very often highly open for new collaborations especially, when you take a look on social media and notice many partnerships between society of YouTube, esport industry and game developers. Remember that playing any game is not the way to start earning money itself. You should pick popular games that gamers are interested in. For instance, you can check out the new Call of Duty when it comes out rather than some old game compared to which Dota 2 looks like a breath of fresh air. The more popular and new video game is, the better and sooner you will get profit playing and making videos about it. In order to find interesting games, you can check gaming sites, where gamers discuss incoming games. It may be very helpful also when you are planning schedule for your YouTube channel. Video game industry provides new games every single week, but the key to make money playing video games it to focus on those titles, that regular video gamer is interested the most. This, in combination with interesting content, will attract new users to you, and the greater the number of them, the higher the ad revenue. Your content has to be as interesting as it can possibly be — show your skills, great design of the game and nice locations in the game. It is much better than menu search or low graphic settings. The great idea is to play together with your audience. Having fun with each other create very good relationship with fans and may get a positive feedback.

Go pro and show it

Playing video games has changed over the years. YouTube and esports industry are the great examples of that, because currently those are the most popular environments to make money playing video games. Nowadays, almost every game developer takes into account video game tournaments and live streaming during the game development process. Becoming a pro gamer can let you not only take part in big events and tournaments, but also help in making money through playing games. The Best League of Legends players can get paid in millions of cash prizes every year. What are the requirements? You need to be a real pro. Focusing on one popular game is the first step, but then you need to keep a hard work, play the game, train often, check out the strategies and so on. Best are the competitive video games, like LoL or CS. There are no tournaments in role playing games, but there are a lot of big events related to MOBA genre or MMO, FPS video games. It is important to remember, that not only a pro gamer can make money playing video games. Video gaming industry provides more ways to make money. For example, the other way to earn money is to become a game tester. His role is invaluable in the game development process. This job requires skills such as perceptively or perseverance. What are the advantages? Game testers, known as qa testers play games before their release and have a huge impact on the final result. It depends on them whether some errors will be eliminated before the premiere. Being a quality assurance tester may look like a time-consuming and tedious work, but it is a great way to get started working with video game companies. This type of work exists and is waiting for the daredevils — after all, behind every error we haven't experienced, there's the game tester who found it.

Sell items and get rich

MMORPGs are associated primarily with long hours spent on the game, defeating bosses, acquiring better equipment or undertaking increasingly difficult raids. The whole environment of games of this genre, however, created very favorable conditions for trade and thus allows players not only to meet new friends and allies, but also to use the time spent in the game to earn money. This is a great way to not only be able to pay for your monthly subscription to the game, but also gain extra money just by playing. MMO games are famous for the fact that some items available in the game are extremely difficult to find. It may be associated with high requirements for completing a given task, or simply with their extreme rarity. The lucky ones who managed to obtain a given item can easily find people willing to buy it — often for a lot of money. Admittedly, this has a downside. While in fact, selling items can be called making money, so it can be related to randomness. It's hard to make it your regular source of income. A much better way to collect money from MMO video game is to sell game characters. The matter is quite simple, let's take games like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2 as an example. Reaching a high character level, which entitles us to use many endgame benefits takes a lot of time. While an adventure of developing your hero can be wonderful and provide us with various wonderful moments, it is impossible to ignore the fact that you have to spend hundreds, if not thousands of hours on it. Of course, we are talking about a situation where the player does not have much experience in a given game. Often times, such players are willing to pay a lot for the time of the person who does it for them. If you love having a long gaming session this can become your dream job. MMO provides several ways to gain money. It may not be quick and simple, but there is certainly a very high demand for this type of service.

Learn people how to play

You may be a pro player, you can get thousands of subscribers and donators. But what if people want to play themselves and just do not know how to beat that hard as hell boss in Dark Souls or other challenging game? At this point, you enter the stage as a game master who knows all its secrets and gives the players a helping hand in the form of a game guide. Creating game guides is an extremely exciting activity for several reasons. One of them is certainly the fact that the guides can cover countless aspects - some are related to defeating difficult opponents or just completing the game, others, in turn, concern interesting locations, epic items or secrets waiting to be discovered. The perfect example of a game that created a gigantic community of guidebook developers was Minecraft. When the game was just gaining popularity, it didn't have any tutorial. Markus Persson created a game that almost required online tutorials. Another advantage of this way of making money is the form, and in fact its diversity. Game guides can take the form of articles or texts on the website, but you can also create videos showing individual techniques of the game. Will you get paid for it?

It depends. Creating such guides at the request of various editorial offices or websites will certainly pay off. The situation is different in the case of independent creativity, for example as part of YouTube. In this case, it all depends on the number of views, subscribers and popularity of your content. It is certainly worth creating on topics that are popular and that interest players. It is not worth focusing on completely forgotten titles, but rather focus on those with many active fans. Remember to create a variety of content on multiple game themes, although you can focus on a given genre. Indeed, you cannot be an expert on everything. However, you can certainly gain dozens of fans by creating guides for FPS, MOBA or strategy games.

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    Have you ever wondered — how can I earn money by playing video games? Is it even possible? Yes, and we can provide you some tips and answers on how to make video games your full time job. With the article you will get to know how to get money playing your favorite games. Earning money does not have to be a hard work especially, when gaming industry gives many ways to make money.

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