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Top 5 PHP frameworks in 2022

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The development of technology is moving forward by leaps and bounds, new developments seem virtually daily, however we are able to still assume what's going to be relevant next year.

Сonjointly the method development trends square measure moving towards full automation of processes which will facilitate folks in life will already guess that PHP frameworks are going to be in demand in 2022:

  • Code Igniter;
  • CakePHP;
  • Symfony;
  • Laravel;
  • Zend;
  • Yii2;
  • fuel PHP.

Frameworks build it attainable to greatly change the work on applications and websites as a result of most of the processes square measure machine-driven with their facilitate. Moreover, frameworks square measure far more accessible than numerous programming languages. it's abundant easier for a normal user to master them and begin victimisation them in development. Writing any code may be part of machine-driven, furthermore as change the formation of the structure and minimize the complexness of the computer code part of any project. Most frameworks give the quickest attainable integration and permit you to severally piece the merchandise and its work with different services.

Workflow optimization using frameworks is available today even to junior programmers. Despite the complex programming languages, it opens up wide prospects for all developers, regardless of skill level. There are a huge number of PHP frameworks,  that are extremely popular among programmers.

Symfony, Code Igniter, Laravel, CakePHP, and Yii2 are the five frameworks that will be most popular in 2022. Therefore, more advanced technologies could come by the end of 2021 and become popular among PHP programmers. It is quite difficult to study technologies from the development perspective. Therefore, it is important to mention that some of them already occupy a large field of research and therefore are promising in the near future.

The introduction of AI

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more popular in all spheres of human life. Also, a huge number of programs at the household and scientific level use AI as a basis for work. However, "smart" technologies are based precisely on the introduction of artificial intelligence and are designed to simplify life and automate intermediate processes of working with programs.

Generally speaking, artificial intelligence is easily integrated into any program, which greatly simplifies its use for the end client. It is this technology that can be called the basis for the further development of programming, since in the development of web products many operations can be transferred to a robotic system without compromising quality. This will reduce the cost of creating a program and help to achieve the desired result in a short time. Currently, there are already many technologies with embedded artificial intelligence - automatic transport control, information search using voice commands, a smart home system, and even household appliances such as a robot vacuum cleaner. Generally, all of these systems use artificial intelligence, and in the future, its importance will only increase.

From the programmers side, AI will allow the product to be customer-oriented completely, make the user experience positive, and reduce the risk of problems when working with a web service.

Programming in PHP

PHP is by far the most popular language for creating web resources. It is not enough to learn how to work in this language, it is worth studying the trends of frameworks and evaluating their prospects.

PHP has not always been at the top among other languages, it has lagged far behind the same Javascript, but its advantage fibs in its ease of use. PHP is quite simple, therefore it is available for learning even for beginners programmers, which enormously simplifies the task and makes programming accessible to almost everyone who is interested in creating their programs and websites. That is important to mention that the use of frameworks extremely speeds up and simplifies the development process. Indeed the top 5 frameworks are worth learning and using in your work.


Laravel is the most demanded and popular framework, despite its rather ancient origin by the standards of technology development. Even though it was created 10 years ago, back in 2011. It helps to develop even very complex sites and structures, and this could only be achieved quickly by evolving. In short, Laravel has become the most convenient and advanced tool for creating applications.

The main advantages of this framework include the following:

  • Security.

 It is at a very high level because working on Laravel for such a long time since its creation made it possible to foresee all the weaknesses of the framework. ORM Laravel does not allow you to inject a raw SQL query, as it quickly brings all the parameters back to normal when the query is created. Also of this guarantees the safety of data transfer because everything that could damage them is pre-processed.    Cross-site scripting is also known as one of the main problems when working with frameworks. To solve the problem the developers have provided escaping of HTML tags that are on the prohibited list. Therefore, the output is in the form of standard text, and the ability to execute screen lines is excluded at the basic level.

  • Using the Blade template engine. 

The design of the template engine is not only easy to coordinate with the structure but also it is possible to use the same template in couple of times. Generaly all of this guarantees the creation of unique web resource layouts. The template mechanism allows you to correct changes in the natural patterns of the programming language. With Blade template engine, you can standardize your development without Shopify Development Company because the component is easy to use. This improves the productivity of the developer in creating the site.

    -   Smart architecture. In Laravel, the architecture is subject to strict rules that make the difference between the basic components of a program very clear. It is important to mention that each next layer does not depend on the previous one, and it is convenient for the programmer to work with each of them separately. This helps to avoid bugs in previously written code when making changes to the last layers. In the absence of such a well-built architecture, correction at one stage could lead to the need to fix even more bugs. Also it is simply impossible to foresee all the results of the interaction in order to take into account the likelihood of errors, it was easier to simply level such a structure.

Among other benefits, information about Laravel is freely available and free of charge, so it can be read by both programmers and customers who work with applications on Laravel. It is easy to find on the web not only basic data about the framework but also recommendations, guides, and developer comments, which greatly simplifies its use. Among the shortcomings, one can note the insufficient automation of the framework. Major part of the work will have to be done manually, which, of course, is not that convenient. Although manual labor allows for flexibility in program development, it takes a lot of time.


Symfony is the most convenient and stable structure for creating websites and applications, most often the choice of developers falls on it. Symfony is preferred for its reliability and high-level simplification of processes. This framework once served as the basis for the creation of Laravel, but even after its debut, it has not lost its popularity among both professional developers and beginners. 

There are a number of advantages of the Symfony PHP framework, for example:

  • Expansion and scaling of the project at the very first stages of developing the functionality; 
  • The availability of integration with most services and CMS, which, with the appropriate level of professionalism of the developer, provides all the possibilities for optimizing the Internet resource; 
  • Simplification of integration with JS frameworks.

Currently, Symfony uses most of the services such as Drupal, PHP BB, and others.


CodeIgniter is simple and has high performance among other frameworks. The configuration is useful to provide fast coding for programmers at the time of creating applications and websites. In general, lots of developers think that it is almost an ideal framework for the job, which solves fundamental programming problems quickly and elegantly.

There are a lot of advantages of the CodeIgniter framework: 

  - Simple interface. A clear and understandable interface attracts not only junior programmers but also high professionals, and it is convenient to work with. 

   - Open-source. The huge advantage is that it is possible to view it, modify it, correct errors and fix the appearance of vulnerabilities in software solutions. All of that features always guarantee fast work on the project non-stop. In addition, thanks to this openness, it is easy to notice and exclude the possibility of tracking data and user actions by the resource. So this also allows you to apply modifications to the product and use parts of the code that was previously created to develop future applications and consider the compatibility of licenses, algorithms, methodological foundations of interfaces, and technologies. 

  - Simplified coding. That is one of the main advantages of this framework, which determines the high performance of the platform and accessibility even for novice programmers. 

  - Low error rate during development. Thanks to a clean source code, it is easier for a programmer to foresee possible problems in the operation of a web resource. So the availability of comprehensive product testing at every stage of development. Platform features allow you to test applications and websites. 

  - MIT license. Although this is the first of the free ones, which may raise doubts about its liquidity, it uses the simplest licensing principles. However, it allows the use of a license code in private, proprietary software, provided that the text of the license itself is added to this software. An excellent solution that knowledgeable programmers use, based on their experience with source code. The platform gives the possibility of data refactoring in its most convenient manifestation. This way programmer can improve the project without violating the semantic functionality and preserving the information as much as possible. 

Refactoring combines tons of features that developers and users value above all in the latest products. CodeIgniter does not only support a set of standard PHP objects but is also compatible with other platforms and frameworks. This versatility allows you to access a variety of information repositories. 

The CodeIgniter platform demonstrates high efficiency during sessions, opens the programmer to the huge amount of possibilities of the data encryption library, and allows the creation of projects of various levels of complexity. The convenience of this framework, its functionality, and its universal approach to solving software problems ensures popularity among developers.


 Each framework is good in its own way, but the previously listed ones were the leaders in terms of usability, simplicity, and interface design. It is important to mention that CakePHP is leading in stability and reliability. With its high performance in these two parameters, it has earned the title of the standard.

Below are the list of advantages of the framework:

  • Architecture flexibility. This factor is useful for the ability to scale and use the professional components of the Flash Component and Flash Helper series. 
  • The convenience of working with projects of any level of complexity - from applications for smartphones to multipage websites that are difficult to implement. 
  • proper session management. The very possibility of such an approach helps the developer to expand the functions of his product and increase the speed of processing the data by an order of magnitude.
  • High performance. This is always a plus, as it allows you to significantly save the time and effort of the developer, speed up the process of setting up software solutions and increase the return on the project. Performance directly affects the speed of routing, creating templates, and loading the platform as a whole.
  • Inclusion of new infrastructure software components in the platform. The use of innovative solutions helps decrease the likelihood of problems and errors during the writing code process. According to the statistic class that could be used to control sessions. However, all this also had a positive impact on the popularity of the platform.
  • Optimization of interaction within the framework between its individual components. When getting acquainted with the framework, developers immediately take into consideration the unity of the plugins and the project, which helps a lot in their work. 

An equally important advantage that makes CakePHP so far ahead of the above frameworks is the fact that themes are converted to plugins. This has resulted in some of the coolest themes out there of any framework ever on the top of the best. Themes in the form of plug-ins have greatly simplified the process of combining product components and opened up access to a wide range of functions.


By 2022, Yii will undoubtedly be one of the best frameworks to learn.The Yii framework was created with the goal of making developer interaction with the AJAX platform easier and more efficient. Additionally, it is simple, efficient, and does a great job of placing information in a dedicated cache so that it can be quickly accessed whenever needed.

Yii allows you to reduce the time for developing websites and applications due to its efficiency.The system comes with a variety of tools for creating custom interfaces and software solutions. All of those increase probability to chose Yii framework by developers because of the interface component of web resources. Yii framework is popular for its exceptionally quick loading and high performance is the hallmark of the platform. Because of previously mentioned advantages it is highly appreciated by professional programmers.

Yii works in tandem with jQuery, allowing you to rearrange the majority of the stages of program development and connect with other development wizards. The framework contains everything you need for quick programming, but it is definitely not suitable for beginners. The Yii platform has a high barrier to entry, and the range of features and tools can easily be confusing without proper experience. In this manner, this system is reasonable as it were for experienced and proficient engineers, software engineers, and code creators.

The slightest inaccuracy in the formation of the code can lead to serious problems that will be difficult to fix, if at all possible. Wrong actions might result in a significant drop in performance, which is the platform's key advantage. However, if you have the appropriate professional level, you can safely begin working on the framework's core.

It is important not only to take into consideration the top five frameworks, but also to take into consideration other frameworks.


Zend is a fully object-oriented framework that improves scalability with features like inheritance and interfaces. The PHP framework is open-source, easy to use, and a cool tool for building numerous business web applications. However, Zend is customizable and uses the best PHP technology.

Therefore, Zend is currently migrating to the Laminas project. Developers are highly encouraged to upgrade to Laminas as Zend is out of date.

The main benefits of Zend:

  • Zend's highly structured and also reusable code helps it to become a great tool for building complex business applications. 
  • Key features include MVC components, cloud APIs, encryption, and session management. 
  • Integrates with third-party libraries and templates. Developers can only use the components they need. Also, it has great performance, security, and scalability. 
  • Zend has huge benefits: very detailed documentation and a large community of software engineers who supports it.

Keep in mind that among the drawbacks, mobile app developers using Zend can have a sharp learning curve. 

  • Zend plug-ins can also be expensive, making them more expensive and unsuitable for projects with a limited budget.


Phalcon is a good tool to create a custom web application. For this, the best practices of corporate development are used.

  • Key features include execution, high speed, asset management, caching, and good security. Also, Phalcon is very easy to install.
  • Phalcon allows you to optimize performance through efficient memory usage. It also does not use statistics and file reading, which improves performance.
  • Phalcon is loosely coupled, allowing developers to create their own directory structure.
  • The Phalcon template engine (Volt) comes with helper classes to easily create views and is very fast.
  • Phalcon releases updates and bug fixes quite infrequently, which may not work for applications that require a high level of security - that's all its shortcomings.


FuelPHP is not only a highly resilient full-featured community-driven PHP framework but also supports the MVC design pattern. FuelPHP has its version, the Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC), which adds another layer between the controller and the view. With HMVC, there is no need to duplicate content to display on multiple pages, which saves memory as well as time.

The originality of using FuelPHP:

  • The main distinguishing feature of FuelPHP is the implementation of HMVC, RESTful services, URL routing system, excellent security, and caching system.
  • What's more, some of its security features have output encoding, CSRF protection, and URI and XSS filtering.
  • FuelPHP has a great code organization system. Extensibility compared to other frameworks is more modular and superior.
  • FuelPHP has its own command-line utility (oil) that can also be used to run tasks, debug code, and create components.

Because FuelPHP is a relatively new framework, it offers less support and may have a steeper learning curve compared to other frameworks. This can be a key disadvantage when choosing a software environment for working on an application or website.


Slim is now the most famous micro-PHP, it helps to quickly create strong yet simple web applications.

Therefore, Slim is focused on receiving an HTTP request, implementing a callback function, and returning an HTTP response. 

So the value of using Slim is:

  • Slim is easy to learn and understand. Its codebase is small as it has no third-party dependencies making it fast.
  • On the other hand, the main features include URL routing, session and cookie encryption, client-side HTTP caching, and more.
  • Slim is a great tool for building small web applications that don't really need a full-featured PHP framework. However, for more complex tasks, Slim integrates with third-party and native components.

  Slim is not a good solution for building complex, large-scale web applications. Its dependency injection process is also pretty weak. All this makes Slim unsuitable for enterprise-level applications.

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